i felt compelled to make a response to the new madness that is the current UK government. 
   i've generated a quiet, luxury space for reflection, development, aspiration, progress, investment, cruelty, lifestyle, quality, somewhere to maybe figure things out;               producing fictional architecture as a way to process something i find destructive, regressive, unintelligable and polarising.
   i've used artificial intelligence software to produce architectural elements in response to my text prompts. ive then stitched dozens of these results together into a notional 14m long cityscape.
   the literal biological brainlessness of artificial intelligence felt really apt as a mode to peacefully react to the unfolding catastrophe of the Truss administration.
   i borrowed the conservative party's "A Plan for Growth" hookline as a kind of container for the project. a solitary campaign poster sits in a 4th floor window, it's hulking dullness the only fixed point of reference within the brainless hummmmmmm.

A Plan for Growth, AI generated digital image, 2022

A Plan for Growth, installed on Chalton Street, London, 2022

A Plan for Growth, detail